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Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

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Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Travelling abroad to a foreign land entails a lot of risk. Medical expenses in foreign currency and hospitalization can be prohibitively expensive. Senior Citizens travel policy covers you for all medical eventualities for just a fraction of the amount you would otherwise need.

Travelling is probably among one of the activities where age does not matter. Many people, irrespective of what age-group they belong to, love travelling. In fact, it has been observed that many people plan a foreign trip post their retirement either for a vacation or visiting a family member. While there is no restriction or rule of cherishing a foreign trip because of old age, one thing that should not be ignored is travel insurance. As many would agree that older people are more exposed to medical emergency like situations, it is very more important that while they are planning a foreign trip, they should not forget to buy travel insurance for senior citizens.

By basic nature a senior citizen travel insurance may act like a lifeline in the hour of need. It would provide the insured with sufficient financial assistance so that he/she could avail best possible medical treatment in event of an emergency. Even from cost perspective, a senior citizen travel insurance isn’t very expensive. There are many general insurance companies who provide best benefits under cheap travel insurance for senior citizens. Some of the basic things covered under senior citizen travel insurance are:

  • Medical emergency
  • Personal accidents
  • Loss of passport and/or checked-in luggage
  • Death

While the chances of occurrence of the above mentioned factors might seem less or even negligible, the yet they cannot be ignored completely. Anyone who is travelling is exposed to some or the other kind of risks. In case of senior citizens the risks are higher and probability of occurrences of these risks is more. Therefore, Thus, when on a foreign trip, a senior citizen must have travel insurance.

How to select the best Senior Citizen Travel Plan?

Sum Assured
This will depend upon your health and budget. We always advise higher sum assurance (100K and Above) for USA as medical cost is very high.

Pre-existing conditions
If you are suffering from any pre-existing conditions like Diabetes, High BP, Heart disease etc, select the plan which provides pre-existing coverage. Most of the travel insurance plans exclude pre-existing conditions but some plans do provide limited coverage in case of life-threatening situations

Medical Tests
Many Travel insurance plans are available with no medical tests. Plans with medical tests always offer better coverage and less claim disputes. If you are travelling for long duration, its always advisable to undergo medical tests. This provide good opportunity for medical check up and assurance before the trip.

Trip Delay, Cancellation and Curtailment
Select the plans which covers Trip Delay, Cancellation and Curtailment. This can help for some financial loss which can happen in case of delay, Cancellation or Curtailment of trip for reasons beyond your control.

Avoid plans with Per Illness/Accident Restriction
Many plans for over 60 years old persons, have per illness/accident limit. Avoid the plans with these restrictions. Suppose you have purchased the plan with sum assured of 50K with 10K per illness restriction. In this case you will be able to claim only 10K per illness even though you will be under the impression you have insurance cover for 50K.

Home Insurance
If you are visiting for long time and there is no one back home to take care of home building and content. It's better to buy plan that offers coverage for Burglary and protection of building.

Most of Insurance company will not renew the policy if there is any claim in the Policy period. It's good idea to buy the policy with maximum expected trip duration and if you expect the stay to be extended buy the policy which is renewable.

Plan Premium is based upon your destination, Coverage Amount, Age of insured and benefits it offers. Though all of us love to save money, but low insurance premium shouldn't be your only factor in making decision. At the same time high insurance premium also doesn't mean higher benefits. If you don't have time to read the whole policy wording, spare some time in reading the exclusions and benefits which are most interest to you.

General Physical Checkup, pre-existing conditions, Vision (Eye Test, Eye Glasses, and Contact Lens), Pregnancy and Prenatal Care is not covered by any of the Plan. Besides these, there could be other exclusions which are mentioned in the policy wordings.

In order to make a claim, you need to contact the Insurer or Third Party Administrator (TPA) of the Insurance Company, which has tie-ups with network hospitals worldwide. TPA information is provided in the Insurance policy.

So Compare and buy the best travel insurance plan for senior citizens now from Abiding by our belief in consumer empowerment, we have partnered with all major General Insurance companies in India to bring their products on a single platform enabling comparison and informed decision making.

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