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Friday, Dec 30, 2011

Insurance that should find a place in your portfolio in any year circle

[Source : The Economic Times]

2012 may see the launch of several innovative products in the life as well as non-life space. While they can be considered, here are covers that should find a place in your portfolio in any year Circle

Term Insurance: Circle of Life Term Insurance Health Insurance Personal Accident Cover Home Insurance Travel Insurance The cheapest, yet most under-sold, form of insurance, it is a must-have in the portfolio of any individual with dependents. Online versions of these covers are even cheaper. It does not offer a maturity benefit, but is in the best position to provide financial security to insured's family in the event of his or her demise.

Health Insurance: Irrespective of whether your employer provides group cover or not, you need to have an independent health policy covering your family. It will stand you in good stead in case of break in employment or upon retirement, when it will be difficult to buy a policy at a reasonable price.

Personal Accident Cover: Now, a term cover and health policy can protect your family and foot your hospital bills. But what if an accident leaves you disabled? That is when a personal accident policy can make good the loss of pay due to absence from work.

Home Insurance: A natural or manmade calamity can destroy your house built with your savings. With no (or damaged) house and a home loan to repay, only home insurance can come to your rescue. Hence, don't ignore your home loan contract.

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