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Kotak Life ‘e-term/e-preferred term’

(UIN 107N061V02)/(UIN 107N060V02)

About Product:

Kotak’s ‘e-term Plan’ is a pure term insurance plan which provides financial security to the family of Insured in case of early death of Life Insured. This plan can be bought by Indian citizens (only resident) in the age group of 18 to 65 yrs and they can stay insured under this plan for a maximum policy term of 30 yrs or till the Insured attains 70 yrs of age (whichever is earlier). Both natural and accidental fatality is covered under e-term. The Life coverage also extends to situations like terrorist attack, plane hijack, natural calamity, etc. The e-term plan can be bought online from

Sum Assured between 3 lacs & 25 lacs are available under e-term while the higher SAs are available under the extended form of e-term that is called ‘e-preferred’ term.

Under these plans, the Insured also gets the flexibility of increasing and decreasing their total Sum Assured at different stages of their lives, if they have opted for the step-up facility at the time of taking this cover. The same is available upto a maximum age of 45 yrs with an adjustment of the applicable premium and a certain nominal fee as administrative charge. Please refer the e-Term brochure for more details on this feature.

Key exclusion: Sum Assured is not paid if the Insured commits suicide within 1 yr of buying a fresh policy or within 1 yr of reinstating a lapsed policy.

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Key features: Eligibility, Benefits and Pricing

Minimum Age at Entry : 18 years
Maximum Age at Entry : 65 years
Maximum Age at Renewal : 70 years
Minimum Sum Assured : Rs 3 lacs
Maximum Sum Assured : No limit
Minimum Policy Term : 5 years
Maximum Policy Term : 30 years
Premium Pay Term : = policy term
Premium Payment Frequency : Many options
Survival Benefits : NA

Basic plan: Premium for a Non-Smoker/Healthy Life (Incl of S.Tax)


   25 yr old male   35 yr old male   45 yr old male 
Term  SA
10 lacs
25 lacs
50 lacs
1 Cr
10 lacs
25 lacs
50 lacs
1 Cr
10 lacs
25 lacs
50 lacs
1 Cr
10 yrs NA 3118 4944 8596 2234 3652 6067 10899 4080 6573 11966 22753
15 yrs NA 3118 4972 8680 2352 3764 6489 11938 4543 7416 13876 26798
20 yrs NA 3118 5056 8933 2525 4129 7331 13736 5194 8792 16742 32641
25 yrs NA 3118 5169 9270 2769 4635 8427 16011 5970 10674 20534 40253

How to ensure a smooth & hassle-free claim experience?

  1. Fill your proposal form very carefully to ensure accuracy & correctness of all relevant information like Name, DOB, Health status, policy details, contact information, nominee details, etc. Also cross-check the policy document for accuracy & correctness of the information provided. Immediately approach the Insurer, should you find any discrepancy in the data.

  2. Disclose all material facts clearly and be truthful about your health and lifestyle attributes (tobacco/alcohol consumption) related information. An affirmative declaration doesn’t mean that your policy will be rejected.

  3. Ensure that your nominee is well-informed about the status of your policy. Keep the policy documents in a safe location and ensure that your nominee knows where the policy bond is stored.

  4. Pay your premiums regularly & in time to keep your policy in force. Follow simple procedures like setting premium due date reminders for yourself by registering with and give your loved ones a stress-free future.

  5. Intimate your Insurer about death & register your claim. Submit duly completed claim forms and other documents at the nearest Branch office of Kotak Life or at the Insurer’s Head office in Mumbai. For any claim assistance, please get in touch with the Insurer at 1800 209 8800. You can also write to them at

Some key statistics for Kotak Life

Claims Settled : 89.09%
Claims Rejected : 7.59%
Claims Pending : 3.32%
* As per IRDAI report for the year of 2015-16

How to decide your ideal Life cover?

Your insurance cover should be enough to provide for your family/dependants’ monthly expenses without upsetting any of their lifestyle related needs.

Make sure you are choosing enough Insurance coverage so as to cover all your outstanding liabilities/debt, etc in absence of your earning hand.

Your insurance cover should be able to provide for & meet with all the foreseeable future needs.

Disclaimer: This is only an illustrative document to serve as a quick guide for aide in decision making. For line item details please refer the product brochure.

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