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Health Insurance Simplified

We wish that you and your loved ones always stay in good health. That may not always be so due to many uncontrollable reasons. Health Insurance or Medical Insurance or Mediclaim policies provide you and your family with financial protection and cover against rising cost of healthcare. Financial protection can come in the form of cashless health services from health care providers or claim settlements via cash reimbursements when money gets spent outside of the health care provider network.

Why Buy Health Insurance

Medical inflation has been on the rise for some years and is projected to be so for many coming years. The so called small medical procedures are not small anymore from an expense perspective. Having Health insurance saves money by covering for required medical expenses in case of an injury or a sickness. Without a Health insurance, managing an accident situation or for that matter medical need of an immediate family member will be very challenging. All are recommended to have Health insurance policy in India as it is not only affordable, but also provides the required peace of mind. The term ‘Health Insurance’ relates to a type of insurance that essentially covers your medical expenses. A health insurance policy in India like other policies is a contract between an insurer and an individual / group in which the insurer agrees to provide specified health insurance cover at a particular “premium” subject to terms and conditions specified in the policy. In today's day and age, a family medical insurance is a must in India.

Health Insurance Comparison Benefits

Bimadirect works with leading health insurance companies in India and to help you select best insurance plan in India. We bring you specific quotes from them for your health insurance needs. You can view all information, do a side by side comparison of best health insurance plans in India and then make your informed choice at your own convenience. Buying health policies was never so easy. We make buying family health insurance plans in India easy, quick and cost-effective. Whether you are looking for a health policy that covers pre and post hospitalization expenses, expenses for day care procedures, critical illness, cashless claims, etc., we have health policies that cover all and also provide you with tax benefits per prevailing government norms.

What does Health Insurance Cover

A Health Insurance Policy would normally cover expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred under the following heads in respect of each insured person subject to overall ceiling of sum insured (for all claims during one policy period). This includes, Room, Boarding expenses, Nursing expenses, Fees of surgeon, anesthetist, physician, consultants, specialists, Anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, medicines, drugs, diagnostic materials, X-ray, Dialysis, chemotherapy, Radio therapy, cost of pace maker, Artificial limbs, cost or organs and similar expenses.

Insurance companies offer various other benefits as “Add-ons” or riders. There are also stand alone policies that are designed to give benefits like “Hospital Cash”, “Critical Illness Benefits”, “Surgical Expense Benefits” etc. These policies can either be taken separately or in addition to the hospitalization policy.

A few companies have come out with products in the nature of Top Up policies to meet the actual expenses over and above the limit available in the basic health policy.

Type of Health Insurance: You may choose to opt for Individual Health Insurance or Family Floater Health Insurance policies which are as follows:

  • Individual Health Insurance Plan: Buy this plan to ensure the medical costs of an individual as it includes the medical expenses of pre- and post-hospitalization incurred towards the ailment or disease for which medical tests are essential before hospitalization and at the time of discharge.

  • Family Floater Health Insurance Plan: A family floater health insurance, as the name suggests is a plan that is tailor made for families. It is similar to individual health plans in principle; the only difference is that it is extended to cover your entire family. This acts as an umbrella of coverage for the entire family and therefore the name. A family floater health insurance is one of the best options when it comes to safeguarding the health of your loved ones. Since it is single policy offering family benefit, it relives you from the task of maintaining and keeping track of several insurance policies & offers affordability also.

Tax Benefits for Health Insurance

The government provides tax credit for buying health insurance policy under section 80(D) of income tax act. So with a health insurance policy, you not only get the required medical coverage, but are able to save money through tax benefits.

Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

The Indian health insurance market for senior citizens has grown and there are many companies that offer policies. A medical insurance for senior citizens provides such individuals with financial benefits besides offering monetary help in case of unforeseen medical emergencies. A health insurance policy empowers an elderly person to go for health check-ups, financial help during emergency health problems as well as long-term medical treatment. The policyholder enjoys tax benefits for premiums up to a certain level under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. A good number of insurance companies in India are trying to overcome the challenges concerning the senior citizens.

Compare and Buy Health Insurance Online

Compare and buy health insurance policies online in less than 15 minutes here at Bimadirect from wherever you are. We have partnered with most leading Insurance companies in India to bring you best Health Insurance plans. We connect online with them to bring their best health insurance products on this single platform for your comparison and buying selection. To save your time and money and simplify your Insurance purchase, you can view premium quotes and Compare Insurance Policies and Plans, and get side by side comparison of Benefits and Premiums. All our services come free of any charge to you.

While you buy insurance, if you need guidance at any stage, please call our insurance specialist on our toll free help desk 1800 108 8888 or send us an e-mail at

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